Creative Donor Walls

Sometimes it isn’t enough to just have a fancy design for your donor wall, you need something that makes it one of a kind. Here are some cool ideas we have made:

Hospice House Donor Wall

Hospice House Donor Wall

The traveling Hospice House Donor Wall folds in half for traveling from location to location. It is used for awareness and to generate funding for the organization. The building bricks and shingles are engraved with the donors names.

Large Church Pew Plaque

Large Church Pew Plaque

Almost 6 feet long, this donor wall boasts 250 plates.

Interactive Video Donor Wall

Interactive Video Donor Wall

This interactive video donor wall has over 25 unique menu options, video and is easily up-datable by staff. A 55″ touch screen monitor comes to life with stories of individual donors, a video about philanthropy by the President, and even has a fun college quiz that everyone takes, testing their knowledge of their alma mater.

Multi Stage sand carving

Multi Stage sand carving

This multi stage sand etching looks 3 dimensional, sits in a luminated base.  Perfect for a gift to a donor. Completely custom, can have any design put into the glass.

Donor Wall Book

Library Donor Wall Book of Donors


This 60 plate donor wall was created for the Friends of the Library. It is made of a single piece of wood, and cut to look like a book. The size is approximately 32 1/2″ x 24″.


Looking for more ideas?

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