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RCB Awards

RCB Awards

The staff at RCB Awards has been creating donor recognition awards for 23 years. This depth of experience gives the crew expertise in multi stage sand etching, flame polished acrylic, engraving-cutting-burnishing of metal from brass to stainless steel, and Corian creations.  Take a look at some of the ideas presented on our website, and let’s have a conversation. What are your objectives? What do you want the donor gift to convey? What is the environment that your donor wall be installed into? Will the installation be closed or will you be adding names to it over the years?   While the considerations are endless, the real key is to discover how to make this uniquely yours, something that is custom and not found anywhere else. We don’t believe in using stock templates and dropping your logo onto the top of the design. It has to come from the heart. From the creative spirit. That’s what we do here.